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An introduction to Golden EDI for Partners

EDI as an Extension for Microsoft Dynamics Nav

Golden Edi offers a solution for exchanging business documents such as invoices, orders and price lists between two parties. This makes it easier to automate the flow of business documents between companies, saving time, money and the environment, as well as decreasing the risk of errors.

Golden EDI combines the seamless integration capability of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extensions with the flexibility, reliability and scalability of the cloud service techniques.


Integrate with MS Dynamics Nav using the Golden EDI Extension or FOB

We aim to make the implementation of EDI into MS Dynamics NAV as easy as it could possibly be. That is why we are providing the Golden EDI integration for MS Dynamics NAV as an Extension as a complement to the traditional FOB-format.

For you as a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner, enabling Golden EDI in your customer´s ERP is achieved by installing this extension and setting up the mappings to the tables you choose – there is no need for coding inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Configure EDI-formats and Document Exchange using the Golden EDI Cloud Service

Implementing EDI requires mapping between the ERP and the business documents that should be exchanged. Even if standard EDI formats are used, there is often a need of customising how information is handled in the ERP. These customistations are done with mappings inside the ERP without the need of coding.

The generation of the chosen EDI-format is handled outside the ERP system. We provide a cloud based software as a service that takes care of the EDI format generation as well as the exchange of EDI documents between the connected parties.

"Golden EDI - The EDI Extension for Microsoft Dynamics Nav. Get started in minutes using our free version of the Golden EDI Cloud Service. Scale using our small, medium or large subscription options. Our offer is easy to understand, and it includes an annual commission for you as a partner."

- Golden EDI


The Golden EDI Cloud Service is provided as a subscription. There are four levels: Mini, Small, Medium and Large. In addition, we also offer a free version that you may use for testing purpose to get started! 

Including Golden EDI in Your Solutions

By becoming a Golden EDI partner you are able to provide more value to your customers without having to bother about implementing and integrating EDI into the ERP system. Instead of the implementation details you may focus on the EDI formats to use.Golden EDI Certified Partner



Get Started

The Golden EDI solution is designed for getting you up and running without investing a lot of your precious time:

1.     Install the Golden EDI Extension for MS Dynamics NAV

By using MS Dynamics NAV, you already have access to the Golden EDI extension. You can of course choose to install as a fob or txt file as well.

2.     Sign up for a free Golden EDI Cloud Service account

Sign up for a free Golden EDI Cloud Service account that you can use for testing purpose.

3.     Send your first EDI message and View the Results

Send an EDI message to the Golden EDI Cloud service and watch it end up in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation.

Golden EDI is the solution we use ourselves to provide EDI to our own customers. We are not just building a service for others – we rely on it ourselves. Golden EDI is the result of our combined knowledge and effort.

- Golden EDI


Electronic Document flow

Golden EDI supports the order-invoice document flow, such as:

  • Order
  • Order acknowledgement
  • Order confirmation
  • Invoice
  • Pricelist
  • Dispatch advise
  • Credit memo

Documents could also be sent in PDF-format.


Golden EDI automatically notifies you upon events of your choice. Notifications are provided as:

  • E-mail
  • SMS


Golden EDI also provides a workflow using Dynamics NAV standard triggers connected to a setup of different types of actions.

Control Mapping

One type of the Golden EDI mapping is used to check and validate the consistency of the received information or before sending information.

Adapt to your customer´s needs

We know by experience that customer needs are different. Though there are detailed EDI standards, there are often a need for custom tweaks. Besides the need of different document formats, there are also different ways of exchanging the documents (such as FTP).

As we see it, the ERP system in its own is not the right tool for the job. That is why we are providing the Golden EDI Cloud Service. This way, you are able to keep the variations in implementation and communication outside the ERP.

About Golden EDI

Golden EDI is the delicate fruit of our own experience providing EDI to Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers.

Since 1998 we (as in the founders of Golden EDI) have been implementing EDI into Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as the former Navision Attain. From our experience, implementing EDI too close to the ERP is a rather painful approach.

The founders of Golden EDI who have been working together since 2003 have different backgrounds. Some of us have been working as ERP consultants since the time before the early days of Navision Attain. Some of us have a long background in custom systems development in the .NET environment providing tailored software to customers with high demands.

Golden EDI is the solution we use ourselves to provide EDI to our own customers. We are not just building a service for others – we rely on it ourselves. Golden EDI is the result of our combined knowledge and effort.


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